Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Horizon Hills Golf & Country Club - Review

Today, 6 of us decided to check out the latest golf course in Johor, Horizon Hills. Hong Pew, Roy, Bruno, Quek, Lawrence and myself set out early in the morning 7am with great anticipation. The weather was fine but the traffic to Tuas was quite bad but after crossing the causeway, traffic was smooth.

As all of us have not been there, I only relied on directions given by a friend. Exit to Pasir Gudang highway after 2nd Link and take the first exit out. Guess we were too excited, we exited too early to Nusajaya and went on a big excursion inside a huge construction site. Finally I called the clubhouse and they told us to take the Pulai Interchange Exit 307C then Exit 308.

Eventually we found the place. It was still before 9.15 so we managed to get the early bird price, which was RM110 without caddy. With caddy, the price is RM127, but because we were late, all the caddies were taken.

We teed-off at about 9am. I find the course beautifully designed and the condition excellent. The fairways are almost unblemished, of course with some divots unpatched. The greens are fast and true, perhaps about 6 on the stimpmeter, and almost all are well protected by bunkers, many huge and deep. Just take a look at the above picture and you will know what I mean.

The par 3 is particularly challenging, esp the 17th hole, which is an island green. The other par 3 (8th hole) is also very tough. You need about 170m carry to reach the green, protected on the left by water and right by a bunker.

I also find the Par 5s very well designed. 2 or 3 of them, you need to clear water hazards for your 2nd and 3rd shot.

The course is nestled within a huge property development under the Nusajaya precint. All around the course were constructions. The course can be very hot as it is quite bare, the trees are all young saplings, hardly any shades at all.

In terms of clubhouse, I would rate it as nice but bare. No other facilities other than golfing and F&B. As for the service at the golfer terrace, you get the typical slow and lousy service like most of the other Malaysian clubhouses.

No golf is complete without a little wager. I played 89 (42,47), not very happy with the 2nd nine due to the constant bunker practices. But I still won $5 each from Hong Pew and Roy, so not bad la.

Overall I would rate the course as fantastic, in terms of golfing experience. In my opinion it is the best course in Johor right now. Perhaps it is still new.

So guys, you better try it before the condition deteriorate. I will be heading there pretty soon to conquer the course :).


Cheong YM said...

Looking at your score, I guess it's no easy course. Worth a challenge but the trip there seem quite daunting. Can consider this course during the next golf game up in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

my score very lousy meh? :). I think with better local knowledge (and course management), should be able to shoot a much better score.

Cheong YM said...

I did not said your score lousy, leh just that the course is not easy. Remember the British Open how all the pro failed to register good scores. That does mean their scores lousy, right.

gerald said...

thank you hor Mr Cheong, at least you are kind to me :)

DICK said...

With a course rating of 73.6 for blue tee, it is not an easy course.

we need to audit the rating based on Gerald's virgin score.


gerald said...

sorry guys, the blue rating is 71.9. i keyed in wrongly using the black tee. i have already email fairwayfiles to change it. maaf.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gerald for posting the driving directions to Horizon Hills and your comments about the course.

I stumbled across your blog when i google for Horizon Hills.

My kakis and I played there this week and indeed it is a very beautiful and challenging course.

Thanks again for your precise and informative blog.

Wishing you many future birdies.


gerald said...

Hi Wong,

I din know there are other people visiting this blog other than Goofy Golf members. anyway, glad that you had a good day at HH. See you around some time on the greens...

Anonymous said...

thanks for the information ... heading to horizon for my first game tomorrow ...hopefully the condition is still as new :)

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