Monday, September 9, 2013

Remembering Kian Boon (Sat 14th Sept 2013)

REMEMBERING KIAN BOON (Sat 14th Sept 2013)
Memorial Game at NSRCC Changi (Airforce/Navy)

In about a week's time (on 14 Sept 2013), most of us will be gathering again at NSRCC Changi for a round of golf to honour our much respected golfing friend and brother Chua Kian Boon. Kian Boon was introduced to us thru Vincent Loh and we eventually found out that Kian Boon was also friends with other goofies such as Huat Siong, etc.  It didn't take us long to come to enjoy his company as he was unique in many ways.  His golfing skills of course needs no further advertisement, his mannerism on the course raises both laughter and exasperations.  Many tried to mimic his routines on the green preparing for his puts, etc.  Nevertheless, he almost always still ends up either as "Jeffrey" and/or will "jig" us, underlining the saying "he who laughs first will laugh last". 

Such is the confidence in his golf game that he never seem antagonised at giving away strokes to the likes of myself for "Sixes" or individual wagers.   Kian Boon may seem at times to be soft and meek or "bulliable", but I personally can attest that that is furthest from the truth.  In his quiet self confident way, I believe he deals with the weekly testy little golfing disputes as issues not really important enough to spoilt his mood, or spoilt his game, or spoilt his lunch or even to spoilt his friendship amongst the goofies.  That is a golfer and a man to respect, not just because of his golfing abilities but also the self confidence he exudes.  For they say, much of what you see in a golfer while he is on the course, is what you can expect to see in him when he is off the course.  I also respect this man for his sense of determination.

Many have spoken with much respect for him since that unfortunate day on Sat 10 August 2013 at the Airforce 4th Green when he suffered that seizure and eventually passed away the following day.  No one would expect that should
any amongst us have medical problems, it could have been Kian Boon.  I understand that he's a good father, we know him to be a fine golfer, a gentleman and also a somewhat fanatic for fitness.   Seeing him again in the photos during the triathlon causes us to ponder why such a good man has to leave us at such a relatively young age and with so much still in life to offer. This question can only be answered by the almighty depending on what and who we choose to believe in.  Our hearts go to his children. Having already lost their mother to illness some 10 years ago, they now again has to face this undeserved reality of losing their father this time.

I believe the sadness in missing Kian Boon from our regular Saturday games is still felt amongst us. Jonas Tan who was with Kian Boon on that fateful Saturday morning felt moved to want to leave flowers on the Airforce 4th Green when he next played there on 17th Aug. Only yesterday while playing on the Airforce course, I think Jimmy Ang too seemed somewhat affected.  After a string of 3 consecutive pars before the Airforce 4th Hole, he OB'ed his 2nd shots on the 4th hole and again on the 5th hole. He didn't par anymore holes until the final 3 holes of the game.  Not our usual Jimmy and not one of his good days carding a 92 for the round.  He jokingly said he felt that it was at the Airforce 4th that it started.  He of course also said that it was because no one wants to wager him in this flight, "so no motivation lah". 

Our Kian Boon left us with lots of memories.  Much of them good and much of them still gives us laughter.  We will continue to have goofies trying to "thiam thiam niam" while on the green or mimic "smelling" the putter shaft.  During these moments, we will again be reminded of our good friend Kian Boon. As for me, funny enough, a week after I returned from my trip to Scotland to see my children.  I really felt like giving up playing golf.  I didn't of course or maybe not yet.  Maybe it was Kian Boon or maybe it was something else, nevertheless I honestly still want to.

Kian Boon exemplifies in his character the virtue of determination.  He has left us an example with his time spent with us to remind us that it is not just for the good golf scores, and not just the wagers or the winnings, but it is for the many friends we have amongst us Goofies.  That is why we should continue to come together week after week to golf with each other, or to the HHs or to the "clink clink" of beer glasses at 59 or the lunches every weekday at OAR or KLP!

From the Goofies: To Chua Kian Boon, we salute you!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Playing by the rule - Ball in hazard.

Our Goofy policeman (name not mentioned to protect the guilty) has a habit of putting on his scuba diving gear and water-proofed camera and catching unsuspecting fellow Goofies executing a shot in the hazard.

Well the rule is now clear. There is no penalty for touching any plants that are attached to the ground in the hazard. Even at address, you can touch the plants as long as you do not test the condition of the ground.

Rule 13-4 states

You are not allowed to:

a. Test the condition of the hazard or any similar hazard;

b. Touch the ground in the hazard or water in the water hazard with his hand or a club; or

c. Touch or move a loose impediment lying in or touching the hazard.


1. Provided nothing is done that constitutes testing the condition of the hazard or improves the lie of the ball, there is no penalty if the player (a) touches the ground or loose impediments in any hazard or water in awater hazard as a result of or to prevent falling, in removing an obstruction, in measuring or in marking the position of, retrieving, lifting, placing or replacing a ball under any Rule or (b) places his clubs in a hazard.

2. At any time, the player may smooth sand or soil in a hazard provided this is for the sole purpose of caring for the course and nothing is done to breach Rule 13-2 with respect to his next stroke. If a ball played from a hazard is outside the hazard after the stroke, the player may smooth sand or soil in the hazard without restriction.

3. If the player makes a stroke from a hazard and the ball comes to rest in another hazard, Rule 13-4a does not apply to any subsequent actions taken in the hazard from which the stroke was made.

Note: At any time, including at address or in the backward movement for the stroke, the player may touch, with a club or otherwise, any obstruction, any construction declared by the Committee to be an integral part of the course or any grass, bush, tree or other growing thing.

So there, one of the most controversial rule within Goofy is resolved.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding & Golf Trip to the Hawaii of the East

In the wee hour of Sun, 17 April 2011, 10 homo-sapiens of the modern world descended on the Lion City budget terminal tugging along with them all the tools needed to strike a ball into 18 different unique holes. They were heading to the ‘Hawaii of the East’, an island of the Hainanese people, famous for its Wenchang chicken which is comparable to our Hainanese chicken (not those at Geylang, hor). First to attend the matrimonial celebration of their good buddy, Covette Ong and then challenging the golf courses of Hainan Island.

This trip offered many intriguing experiences and unusual discoveries. I thought all the Singapore leaders we have are down at the constituencies shaking voter’s hand not knowing we do have some among us shaking their heads with their rally speeches. Speeches and conversations were conducted in bird language, those blue macaws. Hehe, funny right but this made the trip so fun and enjoyable.

With a large group, inevitably there was conflict of opinions. When it come to taking a vote, they will be reminded they had ‘5 days to live and repent’ for choosing the wrong decision. Somehow, the Goofy spirit always prevails and thing goes back to normal.

Believe me, you find strange people doing strange things. Robert armed with his 'new' camera went around taking all kinds of photos - Covette smoking, Jonas taking 40 winks, people squatting at the market, roads, somebody's head, somebody's chest, shopping centres to name a few. Albert taking photo of lamp posts. And not forgetting playing card games using the most innovative method in the bus and plane.

Well, I guess largely it has to do with Shakespear's theory on the different phases of life.

We arrived on time at Meilan Airport on a bright sunny morning. Transportation is a 20-seater mini bus. We had our lunch somewhere in between Haikou and Qionghai, a town close to Xinglong (where the wedding was) and Sanya.

After lunch we checked into a hotel in Qionghai. There she stood in the doorway uttering 'Welcome to the Hotel California, such a lovely place'. Yes, somebody heard girls screaming down the aisle. Jonas and Billy got stuck in the lift; somehow it refused to go down. There were comments about the eerie feeling in their room. What a nice surprise!!! So how? Relax.

Our tour guide, Little Wu acted super fast like my Taylor Made driver. He found a better and more decent hotel for us. After the wedding dinner, we moved out of "Hotel California' (actually is Wei Jia Int’l Hotel) to another at NO extra cost. Wow, this is tip top service from our good friend, Martin Zhao. Impress, not only that he also provided a photographer too with a CD of photos taken for each of us.

The wedding dinner was held in a hotel restaurant. There were 2 tables with 10 of us taking up 1 table and the other occupied by Covette’s relatives. It was a sumptuous meal served with Chinese wine and about 12 different dishes of meat, fish and veggie. We did not finish the food as it’s impolite to do so. The dinner ended with toasts and wishes extended to the wedding couple and of course photo taking before we headed back to the hotel.

We had our first game at BOAO BFA, a very forgivable and beautiful course I had played a couple of times before, for some their first time. There were 11 of us, including Covette. I played on the 3-men flight with Eddie and Billy. I played my best game but the best was not good enough as I still lost to both of them.

Followings are the photos of the courses we played.

This is a beautiful course built entirely with volcanic rocks. Poor Albert distracted by the ‘attractive’ marshal hit his buggy on the rock fence. The damage Rmb 800 (actually was 1,800 but he blamed the club for employing such an ‘attractive’ ……haha I guess you know).

The last day of our game at Meilan Golf Club in Haikou. Goodbye Hainan Island for the week of wonderful weather.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Official handing over of Cheque to Alzheimer's Disease Association

Yesterday was the day we handed over the cheque of $15,100.00 to ADA. 4 of us were able to make it to ADA at Toa Payoh. CYM, Jonas, Richard and myself. Unfortunately, Dick, Daniel, Lee Heng and Vincent could not make it. Dr Ang Peng Chye, President ADA was the recipient of the cheque.

The funds raised by Goofy and Friends Charity Golf will go towards the set up of ADA's Caregiver Support Centre in Tiong Bahru where one of the pilot programme is Eldersit Service providing respite care for caregivers. The other services being provided by the Caregiver Support Centre include a Dementia Helpline, Counselling, Information and Referral, Caregiver Support Groups, Caregiver Training, a Home Based Psycho-social service for caregivers to help them cope with their caregiving, Public Education programme.

Thank you guys for all the support towards a good cause and also transforming Goofy Golf into a socially responsible group.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

7th Goofy and Friends Charity Golf in Golf magazine

7th Goofy and Friends Charity Golf was covered in Mar 2011 issue of Golf magazine. The editor Al Dizon has kindly agreed to feature the event under the column "Notice Board".

It carries a photo of winner of the Double Peoria event, Kian Boon and myself.

Read all about it!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Goofy & Friends raised $15,000 for Alzheimer's Disease Association

The 7th Goofy and Friends Charity Golf was successfully held on the 8th of Feb 2011 at the Raffles Country Club. Amongst the festivities of the CNY, we celebrated golf and our friendship and at the same time raised $15,000.00 for the Alzheimer's Disease Association. As passionate golfers, we are at the same time compassionate, with a heart for the less privileged in our society.

Overwhelmingly supported by more than 160 golfers, we teed off at Raffles Country Club with 36 flights on Palm Course and 2 flights on Lake Course. The day was beautifully blessed with great weather and wonderful course condition.

Two competitions were held concurrently, the Double Preoria and Best Gross. The Double Preoria was won by Goofy Chua Kian Boon and Best Gross was won by Friend Mr Wong Toon Liam.

Special appreciations to all participants and sponsors for all your contributions. Without you guys, the 7th Goofy and Friends Charity Golf would not have been such a success.

Thank you and see you next year at the 8th Goofy Golf!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chipping on the green and the Lucky Lee

I was playing with Berteo, Billy Bomber and Lee (Lucky) Heng today.

After teeing off on the Navy 4 hole, I was about 160 m from the green. I decided to hit my hybrid and manage to hit the green. The ball rolled towards the back on the right side. The pin was on the far back left.

Since this is the drink hole, I was hopping that the ball had rolled off the green.

When Lucky Lee reached the green, he was laughing at me. I finally saw why.

The ball was on the green and I had no putt to the hole.

As you know, the green is kidney shaped and even if I wanted to putt off the green, there is a bunker in the way.

I only had one option, to chip. I remember seeing Phil Mickelson did it on tv and it is perfectly legal. I decided to chip with my 60 deg wedge. I was trying to be careful not to take too big a divot. My chip came out quite nicely but failed to clear the bunker edge, but it went over.

I chipped on with my next chip and putted in for a bogey.

I did some research on the internet and confirmed that it is perfectly legal. You can use any club on the green, although the green keeper will not like you too much.

Now the next question is : Was that chip considered as my first putt?? I bought drinks anyway.

Lucky Lee was really Lucky. Twice he hit the trees and both time the bounce was kind to him. On Army 5, he pulled his shot left, the ball ended up dry. On Army 8, he pulled his shot left again, it hit one of the palm tree and richochet to the middle of the fairway. He put his next shot on the green and 2-putted for par.

And to cap it off, he is suffering from a gout attack and yet won the money from the 3 of us.

Can't even beat a Pai-Kar!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

7 Goofy & Friends Charity Golf - Event Program

The most anticipated golf event in Singapore after the Barclays Singapore Open!! The event program has been finalised. Please note the important timings. Shot-gun start is at 1.15pm on 8th Feb 2011. Buffet lunch is available at the Albatross from 11.30am. Do note that the shot-gun is only for those playing on the Palm Course. Those playing on the Lake Course will be according to the time sheet.

The flight details will be out shortly together with the tournament rules.

We are looking to successful tee-off and most of all, raise as much money as possible for the Alzheimer's Disease Association.

An early Gong Xi Fa Cai to all and let us all hop in to a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy Year of the Rabbit!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011